Continuous education and training can reap rich rewards!

Improve efficiency and maximize reimbursements with Multi-Specialty ASC Coding Education & Training from Coding Compliance Management, LLC!

ASC Education

CCM offers training in-services and seminars that include the following specialties:

  • CMS ASC Billing Guidelines: (N1 Indicators, terminated procedures, unlisted procedures, non-ASC procedures, implants)
  • Colonoscopy Pitfalls: Techniques, Documentation deficiencies, LCD policies
  • Ears Nose Throat
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oculoplastics
  • Orthopaedic – (Knees & Hips)
  • Orthopaedic – (Shoulders)
  • Orthopaedic – (Hands & Wrists)
  • Pain Management: Routine injections, Medical Necessity Denials, Post-op Pain Management
  • Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Podiatry 101 (Anatomy and Coding 101)
  • Podiatry Pitfalls From an Audit Perspective
  • Modifier Billing & Coding Basics
  • RAC Rebuttals: ASCs Fight Back
  • Internal and External Audits: Your ASC Protocol
  • Healthcare Compliance Audits: Preventing a Lawsuit/Defending a Client
  • Outsourced Coding & Billing: Pros and Cons To Consider
  • Denials and Appeals
  • HIPAA: Myths Dispelled
  • HIPAA – Annual Training CY
  • Business Office Assessment Findings
  • Billing Fraud and Abuse: Preventing a Lawsuit
  • Physician Documentation and Query Processes
  • Understanding The Medicare Edits: The Impact on Your Facility's Bottom-line
  • Best Business Office Practices
  • EMR/EHR: Vendor and Contract Considerations
  • How To Handle New Procedures in Your ASC

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News of note ...

2-Day Virtual Seminar

Join ASC experts John Goehle, Ann Geier, and Cristina Bentin for this intensive 2-day, virtual seminar with finance, accounting, and revenue cycle aspects explained!

ASC Administrators, Nurse Managers, and Business Office Managers face unique challenges in managing the financial aspects of an ASC and understanding the crucial role coding experts play. This seminar will discuss all aspects of finance, accounting, and reimbursement in the ASC setting. It is ideal for anyone interested in understanding basic finance principles as well as those that know finance but want to learn more how it differs in the ASC setting.

This virtual seminar will also provide an understanding of reimbursement and coding in the ASC setting and its impact on your organization’s financial health.

AEUs and AAPC CEUs are respectively pending for CASC Certified Administrators, Physician Practice Managers, Auditors, Compliance officers, Coding and Billing professionals.